Monitoring of Internet environment


Conditions for monitoring of internet environment:

Data source:  Information by key phrases is searched in internet resources (online media, social network, thematic forums), thematic editorial classification of references is formed by consumptive and image-building qualities of a brand name and is associated with competitors’ evaluations.

Geography of monitoring:  At option – the whole Russian-speaking internet, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Monitoring frequency:  Recommended frequency shall be annual, especially in the period of start of advertising campaigns.

Monitoring users:

Marketing specialists, brand managers, PR specialists :

  • Analyze and compare references to your brand names and competitors  
  • Follow-up dynamics of reference quantities and their value, manage retention of a brand name and form its image
  • Reveal reference sources and work with the most active authors of posters, influence value of comments      
  •  Plan strategy of brand-building in chain
  • Use of information as an alternative to focus-groups and depth interviews, generate new brand names perfection ideas “overheard” from consumers   

Department of sales and customer support

  • Prompt respond to customer complaints
  • Control over flow of disappointed customers and provision of online advice  how to solve problems
  • Provision of online support to consumers  
  • Look for potential clients interested in your product

Top management:

  • Follow-up brand name reputation 
  • Follow-up consumers’ loyalty  in comparison with competitors
  • Manage mutual relations with consumers of your brand name   
  • Evaluate efficiency of spent means for promotion of brand names in chain